Can you really put a price on the LOVE you have for your pets?

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Effective April 1st, 2022:  With the fuel prices at an all time high we were forced to charge a $2 per visit fuel charge.  This benefits our professional pet sitters individually not the company.  As we all know, fuel prices fluctuate from time to time based on market conditions.  However, fuel is not the only cost that has risen dramatically.  Prices are insane right now and for a business like ours it affects us greatly on a daily basis. 



Our goal is to answer the calls, texts and emails that come in immediately.  If we cannot be reached immediately, leave a message and we will return your call/text ASAP and/or return your email ASAP.  At this time we will learn, all about your pet and their needs and guide you in finding the right services for you and your pet. We will also get your address and contact numbers, as well as some basic information about your pet.


Before a pet sitting visit can take place, we will have a meet and greet.  This is a time for pets, pet sitter, and owner to get acquainted and a time for documenting your pet’s personal preferences as to feeding, walking, playing, likes and dislikes.

PLEASE NOTE:  There will be only one complimentary visit.  If additional pre-visits are requested, the normal pet sitting fee will be applied.


While you’re away at work or on vacation, this is our chance to shine! We will update you with text messages and emailed service reports each visit to let you know how your pets are doing and how much they are enjoying being pampered! You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your babies are in responsible, reliable hands. 


We provide professional, loving care to your pet when you can’t be there. Our experienced pet sitters are insured, bonded and National Association of Pet Sitters accredited to guarantee that your pet receives the best care. 

Unlike larger corporations like Wag or Rover; we do not subcontract. Kelley is the sole operator of the entire company.​

Includes the following services:

  • Feeding and daily fresh water to pet
  • Walking, exercising and/or letting pet out in yard
  • Giving loving affection and/or playing with pet
  • Administering medications /vitamins
  • Daily scooping of litter box
  • Bringing in mail and newspapers
  • Alternating lights and closing/ opening curtains or shades
  • Watering interior plants/reasonable outdoor plants
  • Placing trash/recyclables outside for pick-up(& bringing in)
  • Clean up any Accidents
  • Text and Emailed Report Cards Provided After Each Visit
  • Hugs and Lots & Lots of Love!!!


  • 1) Choose the dates and time frames
  • 2) How many visits a day
  • 3) How many pets
  • 4) Is it Holiday pricing
  • 5) Is this a late request

IMPORTANT: 3rd Party Visitors During our Services:

We always ask at the pre-interview and now will also be asking at the meet and greet if anyone else will be at your house or property during our visits, even if there will be cars there. If we get there and someone is there, we will not enter the home and will call the police in the event of an unknown entity on the premises. Additionally, if a car is there on dailies that we don't know,we won't go in. We don't like to be in a home with someone there that is not the owner. It isn't safe, people are unpredictable. It is extremely uncomfortable to share a house with a stranger. It also allows various miscommunication between us and 3rd parties and ultimately, we will NOT be held liable for any damage to pets or property. At that time, we will get in touch with the client. Safety is my number one priority for my sitters and for your pets. Alot of us pet sitters do those drop in checks, or sometimes dog walks late at night or early in the morning and so we want to make sure that they are safe doing those and that we keep the pets safe as well. We require safe clean private accommodations. Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC politely declines to provide pet sitting services if you have family or guests staying in your home while you are gone. Only Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC can care for your animals in your absence. We do not share or alternate visits with family members/friends/neighbors/roommates while you are away from start to finish – NO EXCEPTIONS. This is to assure consistency in both the scheduling and optimum care of your pets while you are away. We all want our pets to have all the love and attention they deserve, but please be advised that if there are other persons entering and leaving your home, Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC will not be held liable for any damages or problems that may arise as a result. In addition, our insurance does not cover the act of failure or failure to act of third parties, including but not limited to neighbors, friends, relatives or other service providers that enter your home for any purpose while we are caring for your pets. Please inform us at the time of the meet and greet of anyone who may have access to your home while you are away. This includes cleaning services, repair persons, friends, family and neighbors. Home on the Range Pet Sitting does not accept liability for other persons who will be in your home during pet care and health services. If you have a roommate, it is my policy, that we need his/her information so I can get him/her checked out for safety reasons. Nothing weird about being careful and cautious. I would never want to suggest he/she will do anything, but we don't know them. There’s a lot of what ifs and my primary concern is for the safety of my sitters and the safety of my clients’ pets.



Starting as Low as $25.00 per Visit 1-4 pets ($1.00 each Additional Pet)     

Visits start at 30, 45 & 60 minutes - (can book as many visits a day as needed)


Different birds will require varying levels of care. Some birds are easy maintenance and need feeding, fresh water and a change of tray paper periodically.

Other birds need more involved care with specific feeding and free roaming routines, supervised by the sitter. Sometimes hand feeding is required for particular birds needing specific nourishment.


Starting as Low as $30.00 per Visit 1-4 pets ($1.00 each Add'l Pet)

* Visits are 30, 45 & 60 Minutes

  • Food is given according to pet parent instructions, including separate feed and/or supplements for each horse as needed.
  • Water: Fresh water will be given daily. Water troughs/buckets will be cleaned as needed. Pet parent will be responsible for providing cleaning solutions and brushes
  • Extra Care: If pets are to receive extra care i.e. brush down, blankets on/off, fly spray             applied, etc. that can also be arranged.
  • Medicine: Will be given per pet parent instructions at no additional costs.
  •  Stalls/Fields: Each stall can be cleaned; all waste removed, and fresh shavings added.  Waste will be placed as instructed for an extra fee. (based on availability and weather permitting)  $30 extra per hour.

NOTE:  How Complex is Your Horse’s Care?

When trying to establish what to pay, think about the following:

  • Does the Sitter have to travel some distance? This is especially a consideration if your property is not conveniently located within easy distance of a major centre.
  • How many horses are being cared for and are they all well trained with impeccable manners?
  • Is your feeding routine complicated? Or do you have a dozen supplements that need adding? What about medications?
  • * Do you have a stallion or mares in season? What about foals. Don’t forget hormonal horses are more difficult!!
  • Are your horses rugged, double or triple rugged???
  • Are your horses stabled? If yes, the stables will need cleaning daily.
  • Do you expect the Sitter to poop the paddocks?? Horses can drop up to 18 piles a day. That’s a lot of back breaking work.
  • What about weather conditions?? Will someone have to travel through blizzards or blazing heat to tend to your horses??
  • Also, don’t forget the routine you whiz through in 30 minutes will take someone else longer! All those shortcuts you’ve established over time are not automatic to someone new.
  • When it comes to paying someone to look after your precious horse, I would always err on the side of generous. If the person you employ is capable and caring towards your horse, you are going to want them to come back.

Starting as Low as $21.00 per Visit

*  Visits are 15 Minutes

*  Potty Breaks

*  Give Fresh Water 

*****Ask us about monthly packages*****


Exercise and fun for your pet. Professional, certified dog walkers you can trust to take the best care of your dog.

 Starting as low as $26.00 per Visit per 1 dog  ($1.00 each Additonal dog) 

• Give fresh water

• Clean water dish

• 20-25 minute walk "weather permitting"

*  Visits are 30 Minutes

*****Ask us about our monthly packages*****

OVERNIGHT PET VISITS:  (BASED ON AVAILABILITY ONLY) Note:  Need to reserve months in advance

Starting at $94.00

  • Overnight pet sitting usually is a 12-hour stay
  • Pet sitter will often bring own food, drink, linens and laptop
  • Pet sitter will follow all typical rules and routine already established for pet
  • Works best when client provides plenty of detail of pet’s overnight habits
  • Evening and morning feedings are typically included
  • It’s helpful (very helpful) to show how TV remote actually works


LIVE-INS: (BASED ON AVAILABILITY ONLY) Note:  Need to reserve months in advance

Starting $150.00 based on an 18 hour day

  • This service is designed for the client who wishes for someone to live in their home the entire time they are out of town. Your sitter will stay at your home approximately 18 hours per and and will provide their own food. They may leave for an errand or personal appointment, but they will essentially be living in your home during your absence. This service works great for pets parents who work from home and pets who have become accustomed to their owners being home throughout the day.

HOTEL VISITS:   Ask for Quote 

PET TAXI:  Ask for Quote

  • Need your Pets taken to the Vet, Boarding, Groomer, Home, or Office, but don't have time or a vehicle large enough? We'll get your Best Friends there safe and sound!
  • Do you work long hours or have a very busy schedule and would like to have one of Home on the Range Pet Sitter’s to come to pick your up your pet and bring them to the groomer? When the groomer is done they call us to bring them back to your home for you. This is such a time saver for many of our clients!
  • For many pet owners, Hiring our Pet Taxi service is the perfect solution because it is convenient for the client and safe for their pets. The best part, as soon as their appointment is complete, your pet is promptly returned to the comfort and security of your home where they will be waiting for your return.
  • Forget to adjust your schedule to be available when your pet needs to be at an appointment. Let us meet your pet whenever, where ever they are to transport them for you.

MILEAGE:  Additional charges - Current IRS rate per mile applied to anything over 20 miles ONEWAY from our office. (This includes trips to and from the vet) or picking up supplies.

HOLIDAY SERVICES:  ADDITIONAL CHARGES:  $10.00 per visit on listed holidays.

There is an additional charge for visits on the following holidays:  Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve Day, New Years Day.  

HOLIDAY PET SITTING PAYMENT AND CANCELLATION POLICIES: (This policy is for Thanksgiving Week, Christmas & New Years Week and Spring Break)

  • Due to the busy nature of holiday periods and that we have blocked our sitters’ time for your holiday reservation, our cancellation fees are strictly imposed during these times. All clients will be asked to pay in full within 2 weeks prior to first visit in order to guarantee holiday services.  
  • Holiday payment, cancellation & early return policy is as follows:
  • 7 days' notice prior to day of departure - 50% credit - no refunds
  • 6 days' or less notice prior to day of departures results in no credit
  • There are no credits for early return
  • "Refunds and Credits:  All refunds are credited to future services"


  • Our cancellation policy is pretty lenient.  We understand that life happens and schedules change.  Our official cancellation policy for all pet sitting, except for holiday periods, are as follows.  Cancellations made be made up to one day in advance (24 hours) of the first scheduled visit with no cancellation fee.  Cancellations of less than 24 hours are due in full.  There are no credits for early returns.  All refunds are credited to future services.

OTHER SERVICES:  Ask for a Quote

  • Do you require pet sitting not covered in the services mentioned?  Just ask!  I aim to please and will try to accomodate your special pet care needs.


  • Any denomination



Service Areas:  

  • Elko, Spring Creek, Lamoille
  • South Fork,White Rock, Osino, Ryndon (based on availability)


We are happy to accept new clients on a last minute basis however, please be aware if you are scheduling within 48 hours of your first visit there will be a $25 service charge. We must conduct a Meet & Greet prior to accepting you as a client, this is for your safety and peace of mind as well as ours.  

If alreay a client, all requests for service made with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur a $10 extra last minute request fee. 


When you arrive home, call your pet sitter first thing. If you are delayed in returning home, please call Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC ASAP so that we can arrange additional visits. This is an additional reason why it is very important to call your pet sitter the minute you arrive home. If you do not let Home on the Range Pet Sitting LLC know of your arrival, and we make an unnecessary visit, you will be billed for the visit.

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