5 Best Ways to Give Your Cat Medicine

5 Best Ways To Give Your Cat Medicine

We take our time with cats because we care about making it a less stressful interaction, and we give kitties the medication on their terms

1. Add Playtime Before And After

With all cat medications, we will try to do a little playtime before and after the pill or shot. This helps us build report with your cat and it helps your cat feel more comfortable with us. We don’t want your kitty to think we are just there to give them a medication, we want your cat to know we are there to give them all the love and affection they can handle! 

Sometimes when we encounter a particularly shy cat, or one that does not wish to come out from its hiding place, we will often use play as a bonding exercise.  You can read more about how we use play to bond with cats in our Scaredy Cat blog post.

2. Hide The Pill In A Meatball

If your cat does not like to be held or handled, we like to hide the pill in a small ball of patte cat food. I have found that Natural Balance wet cat food works really well to make Kitty Meatballs because the patte is nice and sticky. The stickiness of the cat food helps the pill stay in the meatball and not slip out as the cat eats it.

Making a meatball is really easy. I will usually make a pill meatball and feed it to the cat before their meal. This way your cat is still hungry and more likely to eat the pill.

To prepare the meatball:

  • Put a small amount of wet food in a dish
  • Put the pill on top
  • Put a little but of wet food over the pil;
  • Form a meatball around the pill

Once they eat the pill, you can give your cat the rest of their cat food. 

3. Kitty Burrito & Pill Poppers For Agressive Cats

If your cat is aggressive or might bite when giving a pill, we recommend using the Kitty Burrito technique

is one we have found to be a safe and gentle option for both cats and humans, and is used to restrain a cat by wrapping the cat in a towel, making it easier to administer the medication. 

Another trick to persuade a cat to take a pill is to quite literally hide it in a meatball, particularly if the cat is food motivated.

4. Use A Pill Popper For Agressive Cats

 Pill poppers are an effective option for kitties who are not food motivated and but may bite and/or do not like to be held.

Paws At Home is also able to accommodate clients who have cats with diabetes.  Diabetic cats can require extra attention, and we are up to the task.  We can easily set up visits for diabetic cats, and make sure to hit a narrow time window for their medication.  In regard to insulin, we are trained and capable to safely administer a shot.  

Other types of medications we are able to give include eye medications, topical (such as click pens for thyroid), and Sub-Q.


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