PET SITTING VISITS:  Starting as Low as $20.00 per Visit up to 4 pets ($1.00 each Add'l Pet)     Starting as Low as $25.00 (if including horses & livestock)

*  Fresh Water and Feeding

*  Quality Time with your Pets

*  Medication Administered as Needed

*  Play Time, Dog Walking, Petting & Brushing as Requested

*  Mail and Newspaper Pick-up

*  Lights Turned On at Night

*  Trash Taken to Road on Pick-Up Days

*  Plants Watered as Needed

*  Cleaning the Yard of doggie poop and/or Litter Box

*  Clean up any Accidents

*  Visits are 30, 45 & 60 Minutes

*  Text and Emailed Report Cards Provided After Each Visit

*  Hugs and Lots & Lots of Love!!!



POTTY BREAKSStarting as Low as $14.00 per Visit

*  Potty Breaks

*  Give Fresh Water (15 Minutes)

*****Also available monthly packages*****

*  $14/4 or more days per week (Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm; billed at the start of each month)

*  $16/3 or fewer days per week (Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm; billed at the start of each month 


WALKING:   Starting as low as $19.00 per Visit per 1 dog  ($1.00 each Additonal dog) 

• Give fresh water

• Clean water dish

• 20-minute walk *weather permitting*

• Potty Break 

*  Visits are 30 Minutes

*****Also available monthly packages*****

*  $19/4 or more days per week (Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm; billed at the start of each month)

*  $21/3 or fewer days per week (Monday-Friday 10am - 4pm; billed at the start of each month)


OVERNIGHT PET VISITS:  Starting at $80.00 

*  Overnight pet sitting usually is a 12-hour stay

*  Pet sitter will often bring own food, drink, linens and laptop

*  Pet sitter will follow all typical rules and routine already established for pet

*  Works best when client provides plenty of detail of pet’s overnight habits

*  Evening and morning feedings are typically included

*  It’s helpful (very helpful) to show how TV remote actually works


LIVE-INS Startingat $135.00 based on an 18 hour day

This service is designed for the client who wishes for someone to live in their home the entire time they are out of town. Your sitter will stay at your home approximately 18 hours per and and will provide their own food. They may leave for an errand or personal appointment, but they will essentially be living in your home during your absence. This service works great for pets parents who work from home and pets who have become accustomed to their owners being home throughout the day.


HOTEL VISITS:   Ask for Quote 


PET TAXI:  Ask for Quote

*  Whether you need your pet delivered to the Vet, Doggie Day Care or Groomers, were here for you.  Please contact me for a quote based on your specific needs.


MILEAGE:  Additional charges - Current IRS rate per mile applied to anything over 20 miles ONEWAY from our office. (This includes trips to and from the vet) or picking up supplies.


HOLIDAY SERVICES:  ADDITIONAL CHARGES:  $5.00 per visit on listed holidays.

There is an additional charge for visits on the following holidays:  Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve Day, New Years Day. 


OTHER SERVICES:  Ask for a Quote

*  Do you require pet sitting not covered in the services mentioned?  Just ask!  I aim to please and will try to accomodate your special pet care needs.



*  Any denomination